Let's Talk: Christon + Deja Impact

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and

a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby

We had a chance to chat with one of Ypsilanti division mentors and mentees. We had one simple question to ask: What impact has your mentee/mentor had on you since you two were paired a year ago? 

Mentor Christon said: 

I would have to say actually having that little sister that I never had. I've been a part of a lot of organizations where I was a big sister to them and I enjoyed the bond and time we spent but with MISSion.31 it's different. Not sure what it is though lol but I know that I am making a huge difference in another community and being able to help our young women be everything they are destined to be.

The entire Ypsilanti Division has had a huge impact since I've became the Ypsilanti Division President being able to have a group of women come together for a greater cause warms my heart in so many ways. Not only am I able to bond with the Mentees but I can bond with Mentors and we all have each other's back!

Mentee Deja said:

"My mentor Christon is someone I can talk to for advice at anytime, and I know that she will have my best interest. She has made an impact on my life by not only guiding me in the right direction, but has been the big sister I've always wanted/needed."

We're excited to see the bond our mentors or mentees are making. We honor Christon and Deja for being active participants in the growth in MISSion.31.