6 Things Every High School Girl Should Know before College

1. Make you grades a priority //  It may sound lame, but your grades in college really do better. Especially when you are attempting to get into certain programs, the grades matter more than anything. "At least try to listen, learn, and work hard. What you do with the knowledge is your choice, but with knowledge comes a degree and with a degree, comes options."

2. Your mental health is most important // High School may have been stressful... or it may have been a breeze. College is different. We encourage working hard, but we also advocate taking breaks. If it means scheduling in time for hanging out with your friends, or taking a day after classes to pamper yourself and enjoy a movie. If nobody else in the next four years tells you this, let us be the first to say -- take a break.

3. Stay in touch with your mentors // You're going to go through different situations, that your peers can't help you with. You may not want to tell your parents... this is when your mentor comes into play. Your relationship doesn't end, because you're in college. They are still a resource for you. 

4. Growth means change //  One of the biggest things you can learn is growing up means changing. That may sound simple, but when you have the same friends for all your life, it's sometimes hard to accept that relationships in your life have grown apart.  In high school, it's inevitable... In college it's inevitable. Change isn't always easy, but becoming an adult (or at least, growing up some) means you won't look exactly the same when you walk the stage at the end of your senior year as you do now. That's okay. It's healthy.

5. Get involved //  Find an organization on campus that you're interested in and get involved. This is the BEST WAY for you to meet new people. It teaches you time management, you have built-in friends, it keeps you from being bored, it looks good on your job  applications ... the list goes on. Find an activity, and commit to it. It'll be worth the effort.

6. Stick to your values //  On that note, there will be a lot of change from high school to college. People may try to convince you that you're wrong or that their way is easier or more fun. Don't let them talk you into making a mistake that you'll regret. Don't cheat on your tests, don't go out and drink at parties, and definitely don't date boys with bad reputations. If you follow simple rules, most adults will trust you with much bigger things as you get older.  Most importantly, you'll be able to be proud of yourself for sticking to your guns and not making dumb mistakes.

Inspired by Emma Hansen