Let's Talk: Micah + Olleta... "Because I don't have any sisters..."

More mentors and mentees from the Ypsilanti Division sharing their love with us!

What Olleta has to day about her Mentor:
"We go out to eat sometimes andshe just shows that she's here for me when I need to talk and I can come to her about anything there is really not anything that I don't feel comfortable talking about to her she just like my big sister and I love her! "

What Micah has to say about her Mentee:
"When I first met Olleta, she told me she liked to eat, so we always find fun places to eat. We like to try new foods too.

...Because I don't have any sisters, she's taught me how to care for a young lady in way that encourages continuous growth. I'm always interested in what she's learning - in school & in life. I'm excited about her successes: finding the perfect prom dress or getting into college. Its an interesting balance and I'm really happy to be a part of her journey."

Thank you Micah and Olleta, for being apart of MISSion.31!