5 Ways to Gratitude

It’s that time of year where we're more grateful. Thanksgiving tends to bring out the best in others, and it helps us realize what’s important. MISSion.31 is shedding a light on GRATITUDE and what exactly that entails. While sometimes it’s hard, it’s very important to remain aware and thankful for your life.

So what is gratitude? Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness.” This allows you to express how thankful are you, even when you don’t get your way or it isn’t what you expected. Gratitude is constant and shouldn’t turn on or off, due to bumps in the road.

We want to share 5 ways to incorporate and practice gratitude into your life:

  1. Compliments
    “Cute hair, girl!” “That outfit is perfect on you.” “I love the way you carry yourself!”

    These are examples of compliments you can say to a friend, sister, classmate, or a stranger in passing. Compliments are simple verbal affirmations you can give to yourself and others. This subtle but effective mention brightens up days and moods. Try it once a day, and you’ll see how much it impacts someone.

  2. Reflect
    How often do you reflect on what you’re grateful for? It shouldn't only happen when your family ask you before the Thanksgiving dinner prayer. This should be a constant, every single day, action. You should always reflect on what you are grateful for. If it’s not every day, once a week is a good start. It will help you understand the positives, and sometimes negatives, in your life.

  3. Embrace Challenges
    You know those negatives we mentioned in way #3, it comes with the territory, which is LIFE. Challenges help make us and give us lessons to become better. If we don’t have challenges, then life would be easy. And easy is sometimes boring.

  4. Spend Time with Others
    Take some time after school and extracurricular activities to intentionally spend time with the ones you love. Whether that’s parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, cousins, or your bed, plan to spend quality time with what or who you choose.

  5. Express Yourself

    There are a ton of ways to express yourself. MISSion.31 recommends talking with your designated mentor for advice and tips on your current situation. M31 Mentors relate to your experiences, so they can understand exactly where you are coming from. Expressing yourself isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely always worth it. Find that outlet you need to set your thoughts and feelings free. Journaling, praying, and talking to someone are always great options.

When do you practice these ways of gratitude? Do you practice gratitude in other ways too? Let us know in the comments.