Young Changemakers Business Bootcamp

Business Bootcamp

Business Bootcamp

UPDATE as of March 14, 2019

MISSion.31 serves young girls in grades 6-12 in the Metro Detroit area, and we’re just warming up.

Save the date for June 2019 as we host our Young Changemakers Business Bootcamp. This week long bootcamp will teach young girls practical strategies to develop their own service-based organization or business.

Participants will also gain hands-on experiences and tools to develop their own service-based organization or business. They also will have access to our dedicated one-on-one mentors every step of the way. Concluding the event, MISSion.31 will award scholarships to the participants’ business startup fees.

To give some insights on the event, we’ll share our top three reasons why young girls should start their own service-based business or organization.

Three Reasons to Start Your Own Business

  1. Bringing Solutions to Others

    Stores, like Target, help you purchase the items you need and restaurants, like Wendy’s, help you get the food you want. These businesses meet a need. All businesses should solve a problem and meet a need of the audience that it’s communicating with. Without this important aspect, businesses would aimlessly target audiences without knowing if their business is right for them. Figure out the solution you will provide within your business.

  2. Self-Expression

    Your business will allow you to express your true emotions, thoughts, and passions. If you have a love for pets, you will be able to express that by creating a walking dog company, for example. Think about what you’re passionate about and apply that to your business.

  3. Continuously Learning Life Skills
    Starting a business teaches you a lot of life lessons. You learn how to balance your schedule and time management, leadership, in-depth problem solving, communication, and so much more. Take these skills seriously as they will become even more important as you grow older.

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